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World domination

We may not get to this stage.

Sure you will!

None yet...

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Plan API

There is no Objective-C library for HAL as yet. Would like a very simple library that lets you take an NSDictionary and convert it to a HAL resource.

+ (id)resourceFromDictionary:(NSDictionary *)dictionary;

This should return nil if there is a problem parsing the resource.

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Investigate start of the art

How do you link documents together in a JSON web service?

You can make up your own scheme by simply having some fields pointing to URLs like so:

    "name": "Fred",
    "self": "http://example.com/fred"

Or you could adopt something like Atom and JSONify it:

{ "name": "Fred", "link": { "href": "http://example.com/fred", "rel": "self" } }

This latter approach has been taken a step further by Mike Kelly with his Hypertext Application Language (HAL). http://stateless.co/hal_specification.html